2014 Toyota Tacoma

Japanese manufacturer according to some information  preparing a new 2014 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck models through combining efficiency and luxurious style. Options seen on 2014 Toyota Tacoma are going to be plenty of updates, take a look at tend to surprise the power plant and choices very well. Expected to have a new frame design, new interior design as well as better engine options than the 2012 model in which customers had a lot of complaints.

2014 Toyota Tacoma1 2014 Toyota Tacoma

The 2014 Toyota Tacoma V6 will come up with a pair of 7 liter in-line four cylinder (six-cylinder) and 260 horsepower with 260 lb-ft of torque. The direct injection and timing-head from variable-valve will produce the power up to 190 horsepower and 200 pound-rigid torque.

We might also see a 6 speed automatic transmission as well as manual and a boost in efficiency. 2014 Toyota Tacoma ought to have a base two-wheel-drive four-cylinder getting close to 30 miles per gallon, whilst the six-cylinder motor is going to be more detailed 26 mpg.

2014 Toyota Tacoma rear angle 2014 Toyota Tacoma

2014 Toyota Tacoma is known as Primary Injection power plant. But this is not cleared if it is in direct injection V6 or a new direct injection 4.6-liter or 5.7 liter. Direct injection system is another way to increase fuel efficiency, and increase in gas mileage. With most car weight reduction embrace technology, we expect Toyota to follow the modern trend of using high strength steel.

2014 Toyota Tacoma interior1 2014 Toyota Tacoma

The new 2014 Toyota Tacoma is larger fuel tank and more aggressive look than the previous model. This model is characterized by lower fuel consumption and were announced and new solutions in the dashboard. The interior There will be new gauges and materials of better quality will be used. Besides, hydraulic steering pump in the previous models will be replaced by an electric motor which is more efficient.

Toyota is definitely an addict regarding variable device temporal set up (VVT); nowadays several engines running on an adjustable valve bring system. We’ve recognized rumors it may be employed in 2014 Toyota Tacoma.

2014 Toyota Tacoma interior 2014 Toyota Tacoma

Gas steering water pump is slowly replaced by the lot of affordable motor, Toyota loves to be on the list of pace setters, we’d become shocked when it doesn’t expose a brand new merchandise for the service steering. Generally automotive fat loss embrace technologies, we usually expect Toyota to check out the trendy craze of victimization higher strength metal.

2014 Toyota Tacoma engine 2014 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota has not announcement declared the making date and cost, we’ve predicted that 2014 Toyota Tacoma may enter on market late inside 2013 sufficient reason for price starting from $ 17,265.

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