2015 Toyota Prius release date

New 2015 Toyota Prius, it should hit the market in early 2015 and some details about this car have started to emerge.  The design of this 2015 Toyota Prius – fourth-generation will change significantly, the most radical will be the lowering of the hood and waistline.

According to the available information the current 1.8 L engine will be modified, while the Inverter and electric motor to be adapted to deliver more power. The hood height will drop in height by at least 3.5 inches (90 mm) and it will lose its characteristic wedge shape. The A-pillar will retreat backwards while the roof line will be pushed forward by around 19.5 inches (500 mm) with two aims: to improve aerodynamics and to improve the overall look.

2015 Toyota Prius front 2015 Toyota Prius release date

All this will make that 2015 Toyota Prius provides enhanced performance and improved fuel efficiency. The vehicle should characterize the fuel consumption of 3.1 L / 100 km with CO2 emissions of less than 70 g/km. The power converting system will also go through improvements for more efficiency.

Batteries will most likely be lithium but Toyota is still considering other options. The engine will be mounted closer to the firewall and be slanted. The interior is to have a touch panel interface showcasing the latest technology. Dials and buttons are said to be kept to a minimum.

2015 Toyota Prius release date rear angle 2015 Toyota Prius release date

2015 Toyota Prius will have an e-4WD system that features an electric motor that drives the rear wheels. This system is designed to enhance the capabilities of vehicles in snowy conditions, and operates at speeds up to 37 mph (59 km / h). The 2015 Toyota Prius will be the first model that will be built on the “C” platform, as part of Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) strategy.

2015 Toyota Prius release date interior 2015 Toyota Prius release date

This means that 2015 Toyota Prius will loose over 150 pounds and the new THS system means that the engine mounts will be very different to the current car’s setup as well. Car will continue to use NiMH batteries as well as the lithium-ion variety.

Better aerodynamics and lower weight allow Prius to clear 90 mpg (2.5 l / 100 km), which is about 20 percent better than the current car’s 70 miles/gallon. In EV mode, it will have a maximum speed of around 62 mph while its range in EV mode will be around 22 miles.

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